How To Become The Conscious Creator Of Your Reality

Every idea you will ever have… already exists.

They exist on a plane of reality that transcends time.

The Ether… The Collective Consciousness of All Beings… The CLOUD…

Where all thoughts, feelings, & experiences that have ever been & all that ever will be… meld together in one big storm of Totality.

Ideas are little bite-sized data-bytes.

As a creator, you’re downloading direct from The Cloud.

Your Mind is your Operating System.

It needs regular updates — constant expansion of your consciousness — in order to be the best “channel” it can.

Your Muse is the router through which you can access It. Your internet connection.

And you gotta pay your cable bill to keep that broadband open, my friend.

Only instead of money… you pay in the currency of FOCUS.

Your Conscious Effort in Improving Your Skills & Broadening Your Perception & Understanding of LIFE.

Consciously make the effort to upgrade your skills & broaden your perception of Life…

Consciously devote yourself to receiving the Inspiration your Muse delivers…

& watch as you Create Your Own Reality, exactly as you envision it.

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