People often act or speak with the intention to be “impressive.”

We make decisions about what to do and how we talk about what we’ve done based on this desire to impress.

Sometimes it even decides what we share or don’t share.

“This won’t impress anyone, so it’s not worth sharing. Maybe it wasn’t even worth creating in the first place. Why do I even bother.”

Thing is, no matter WHAT you do or don’t do… no matter what part of yourself you share with others…

An impression is made.

And despite your best efforts, that impression is 99% a result of the paradigms and beliefs through which the people you’re “impressing” experience your words, actions, and art.

So attempting to curate your actions and the things you put out into the world according to the impression you want to make is a waste of effort.

Create for Creation’s sake.
The more you make, the merrier.

No matter what you do or don’t do, you’re going to make an impression.

What that impression is, is mostly up to the people who you share it with.

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